Top Tips on Improving your chances of a Sale

Homes are our biggest asset and we expect a good price for them and yes under the right circumstances it should be possible to get it. If you put your property on the market with the “let’s see” attitude you are not likely to achieve your price expectations.

Follow our tips below.

Get the viewer to see themselves in your home, ask them questions and find out how your home would suit their needs so that they can’t resist your home.

You need to sometimes do some changing around, if your home is a family home and has 3-4 bedrooms, make sure you show it to its full potential by having the 3-4 bedrooms as bedrooms not store rooms / gyms etc.

It is your home and you are providing a service to potential buyers by showing them around, it may take many viewings until you get the offer accepted that you want, but it can be time consuming and also tiring for all parties involved, but bear in mind you are not doing them a favour, it is a service that you must provide.

Top Tips:

A. – Make sure your garden is finished to a high standard, it may be worth while you contacting a landscaper to come and do the works for you. Potential buyers do not want to see potential works that they need to undertake unless reflected in the price. It may even increase the value of your property.

 B.  – Make sure your front door and front elevation of your home is welcoming and looking its best. It is the first thing potential buyers will see so make sure it encourages them to want to look further. Possibly repaint the door, or put bay trees either side of the door to make it somewhere you would want to look into further.

C. – Normally the entrance hall is next, make sure this is also welcoming, painted in light colours with nice décor and lighting and by adding nice colour co-ordinated ornaments that will potentially sell the property.

 D. – make sure that all of your lights are in working order and that the lighting is correct in each room or it may make your home look dark.

E. – Make sure that your wall decorations be it paint or wallpaper are not too bright and over bearing, it may be worth considering painting the house in neutral colours so that they can see the potential of what can be done themselves.

 F. – make sure that you have no major works done while accepting viewings it can put potential purchasers off and leave them wondering as to why your doing the works while selling.

G. – Make sure you put ALL things that are not required out of site, make sure that you pack everything and remove all the clutter. If you have no storage make sure you leave the boxes with parents or friends houses, or store in the attic.

H. – Animals – some people are animal lovers and some are not, some cannot like animals as they have allergens etc. so make sure that there are no pets at the house during viewings especially dogs.

I. – make sure your back garden is landscaped or tidied up like the front, it should be somewhere you want to spend time and so do others.

J. – FINALLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY  Clean – Potential purchasers need to see the property at its best, it needs to be spick and span, showing your property to its full potential with no dirty clothes or dishes for all to see.

It may surprise you, but by just following these few simple steps you will be able to achieve a quicker sale and hopefully a higher offer.

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